Axel Florence
Axel Florence
Axel Florence
Product Manager at Shopify
Axel is the Product Manager, Growth at Shopify. He joined Shopify in 2018 and acted as the RnD Product Manager for Oberlo. Now Axel is working on new growth initiatives for Shopify, based in Berlin.
What book has been most impactful in your career or life?
Career: the Lean Startup. This one came right when I was deciding on taking my first job in a startup!
The Lean Startup
How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses by Eric Ries
Ali SalahMohit MamoriaAlexandre Mouriec
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The Lean Startup
Life: Huxley: Brave New World. This one made me understand the power of books and started me off going down many rabbit holes… Still one of my favs!
Brave New World (Novel)
Brave New World is a dystopian novel by Aldous Huxley
DavidRick KellySteve Lamattina
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Brave New World (Novel) mediaBrave New World (Novel)
Which podcasts are you listening to right now?
A French podcast: Generation Do it Yourself. And of course Shopify Masters and Start Yours by my friend David at Oberlo! Go check them out!
What's on your homescreen?
Ha... It's quite messy! I have 4 home screens apparently, this one below is the 4th. I try to test a lot of apps and products! I don't bother organizing the apps anymore, I just use search. The dock is very carefully curated though.
You're on a deserted island and you can only bring one product that you own. Which product will you bring?
My guitar! A Martin acoustic guitar, beautiful and that sound… There’s no way I can find or build an instrument like that on the island! The Swiss army knife is probably a good idea too…
Swiss Army Knife
Since 1897, the Swiss Army Knife has been a trusted tool of adventurers around the world.
Swiss Army Knife mediaSwiss Army Knife
What beverage do you most enjoy on a Friday evening?
Red red wine! If I had to pick it a favorite, it might be Côtes du Roussillon.
Is there any product/software etc. that you couldn’t go a day without?
Not a day without eye drops, sadly.. But the product itself is not anything special, it is sodium hyaluronate diluted in water, sometimes called ‘artificial tears’. Then there’s toothpaste, soap and all that stuff! Then there’s coffee! The French press is my favorite machine: doesn’t create waste, is fast to use and clean, and makes delicious coffee! And then there’s the iPhone and the Notes app which I use a lot.
For your role, what apps or tools do you regularly use?
Slack, Figma, Github, Mode, Google Docs and some internal Shopify tools.
What’s the best growth-oriented product in your opinion?
Shopify. But it’s not obvious to everyone because we’re not really targeting Buyers we’re targeting entrepreneurs. From the moment you consider starting a business, you are going to find us and we are going to help you out. Looking to educate yourself? You’ll find tons of free resources (Shopify Academy, Oberlo Blog, YouTube channels,…). Maybe you’re looking to create a logo? Hatchful will help you with that. Or you are looking for stock pictures? Burst is helping you with this. Business name generator, legal templates, etc. these are all things that you get for free, and when you’re ready to start selling it feels natural that you choose Shopify to host your business.
Test out logo variations and create a one-of-a-kind logo that’s perfect for your business.
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Hatchful mediaHatchful
On the consumer side, TikTok is pretty phenomenal right now! I wonder how much the team actually plotted that growth.
What do you love to do in Berlin when you’re not at work?
Well right now everyone is pretty much staying at home… But normally I love biking around, drinking beers in the parks with friends, eating all sorts of food, going to concerts and parties!
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