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DavidĀ stackedĀ Flexday
Great way to discover restaurants. Good wifi and free coffee!
Lanre Akinyemi
5 months ago
DavidĀ stackedĀ TransferWise
I have a split of USD and CAD. It's a low fee alternative to banks and offer exchange rate guarantees!
5 months ago
DavidĀ stackedĀ TablePlus
SSH into production databases for debugging
7 months ago
DavidĀ stackedĀ Typora
I like typing markdown and clean interfaces. Also important, Typora has emojis
7 months ago
DavidĀ stackedĀ Alfred
āŒ˜ + Space replaces clicking on apps / finding and opening files / spell check / calculator / google search
6 months ago
DavidĀ stackedĀ Kapeli
Actually Dash
7 months ago
DavidĀ stackedĀ Twitch
I watch dota, overwatch, smash tournaments from time to time.
5 months ago
My main IDE, used with vim extensions
7 months ago
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