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self-management / org-tech / token economics / web3 / DAO life

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VictorĀ stackedĀ Anaconda
made my firststeps in anaconda - made me love python :)
VictorĀ stackedĀ Discord
Setup a server, gather your community - i miss threads, though...
VictorĀ stackedĀ Typora
Markdown is my favourite format, Typora is my Editor. Synced with other apps, workflows get seamless.
VictorĀ stackedĀ Jitsi
Using it with family, friends & everyone else. Easy onboarding & good UI :)
VictorĀ stackedĀ Brave
privacy, speed & rewards. the browser as it should be
A must read, opened my eyes for humans unique nature of doing things.
VictorĀ stackedĀ Miro
I use it for workshops & meetings, cool design
VictorĀ stackedĀ Figma
Quick, Synced, Collaboration made easy
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