julien zmiro

julien zmiro


Designer @intercom and co-maker of @eeselapp

#animation, #programming, #ui, #design, #prototyping, #product, #tech +6
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Super easy to setup many different types of remote testing.
I love real physical books, with nice covers but being able to keep "reading" my book on my daily stroll is just amazing.
Probably one of the most useful softwares I use.
So easy to pay in any currency when travelling / ordering online.
Super easy to join / leave communities.
The simplest way to create slide decks. No need to worry about formatting, positioning, styling... just focus on writing great content!
Beautiful and clean UI 😍
I have to go through so many different tools (Google Docs, Figma files, Github issues, Basecamp posts, Notion pages...) that it's super easy to feel overwhelmed and to waste time finding docs. eesel takes care of this mess for me and lets me access my work with peace of mind.
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