Building Threader (@threader_app) • @cheepo2109 is my best friend

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Vincent stacked Instatus
We use Instatus for Threader: and it's an elegant service.
Ali SalahDaniel PichelKerr
Vincent stacked Notebag
Never satisfied with note-taking apps. I'm happy with Notebag which has a clean design and is fully keyboard compatible.
Parth JoshiCalum Webbpretzelhands
Vincent stacked Quora
Ask specific questions and find experienced people to help you. Most of the time someone already posted the question you are looking for answers. It's like a network of connected brains. I highly recommend for people interested in reasoning and living dangerously.
Coleman Foley
Vincent stacked Threader
I built it to bookmark knowledge I found on Twitter and to make series of connected Tweets more readable. Threads are the best format to hack the 280 character limit. I also think it allows more depth in conversations and helps to share critical information.
𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐞Peter ThaleikisLeandro
Life it's too short to check everywhere if the name you want for your next startup is available. Find if your business name is not used and know if your future social media handles are not taken by another company. This tool is simple and effective.
José CagePeter Thaleikis
Vincent stacked Slack
It's useful to share ideas and organize my projects. Also this is the place where I start to save small ideas and aggregate info around them to improve features.
Vincent stacked Airmail
Because Apple's Mail App is rekt. Airmail is a good desktop-based email client and their mobile version is also powerful and simple.
Not sure if adding people in your stack is a feature or a bug anyway I'm glad to add Graeme.
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