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Yash Shevde stacked Zoom
Been using it begrudgingly during coronavirus times
Haven’t tried any of the membership or samples stuff — I just use to app to track various brands and types of spirits (mainly bourbons)
An incredible national resource — few countries around the world have such a comprehensive repository of knowledge and wonder. I go to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space center in Northern Virginia every chance I get, just to open my mind and find inspiration
Simply the best. None of Headspace, Calm, etc. ever worked for me as well as this did. I also love the principles of the company — the fact that they give free memberships to anyone who asks bc they think finances shouldn’t be a barrier to mental health. I respect that a lot.
The annual pass is so worth it
Got the Mechanics Institute pieces, hope to make a tournament board to go with it as a personal project sometime soon
Yash Shevde stacked Lego
I have the incredible Saturn V rocket model and have enjoyed building the Taj Mahal set as well. Best way to get out of a burnout imo is to spend all day building a lego set while drinking your beverage of choice haha
I use it rarely for collaborative multimedia purposes like planning a trip with friends. Unfortunately for me it seems to be a new default for many people so they use it to share thoughts and resources, but I’ve always found it to be clunky and that it requires too much effort...
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