Will Schenk

Will Schenk


Co-Founder of HappyFunCorp.

#product, #startups, #development, #nomad, #weightlifting, #feminism, #code +1
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Will Schenk stacked WhatsApp
Go to where the entire world is
Will Schenk stacked Pocket Casts
The upnext in the car, and play on the computer is so nice. From computer, to car, to train it's all smoooooth.
Will Schenk stacked Mastodon
Less bad twitter, also better community
Will Schenk stacked Scuttlebutt
Great community, interesting technology, and more fun
Will Schenk stacked Orgmode
Everything in my life is going through orgmode now
Best laptop you can buy
Will Schenk stacked Emacs
Staying true since '74
Will Schenk stacked Google Chrome
Love the internet
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