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unlimited canvas for wireframing on ipad!
tyler ⍨
Windy stacked
perfect for focusing!!!! and ~ vibey ~
tyler ⍨
Windy stacked Later
so helpful for planning my instagram feed!
Windy stacked Spike
I'm still getting used to this as my main email interface, but so far so good!
Windy stacked Kanopy
This has been a lifesaver during lockdown!
Windy stacked Field Notes
I use the small pocket notebooks for my mini art journal on days when I don't feel like I can fill up an A5 sized spread.
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Windy stacked Webflow
I can actually make the things I design instead of relying on other people while I'm still learning to code. So satisfying!!
Windy stacked VSCO
Makes it really easy to have a cohesive ~lewk~ online. Waiting for the day when I feel cool enough to actually post on VSCO instead of just uploading to instagram...
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