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will robbins

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Lover of books, endurance sports and productivity porn šŸ˜Ž

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Ben and David have great chemistry and go above and beyond to find the real stories behind great companies
will robbinsĀ stackedĀ Opinion X
Opinion X makes discovery research easy! Saves me a ton of time. Removes the need for manually tagging statements into groups on Excel. Highly recommend.
Daniel Kyne
A new way of looking at life. R.I.P James Carse
will robbinsĀ stackedĀ Breaker
Great for discovery. Plus, I've saved over 3 hours this year by using their 'skip the silences' feature
will robbinsĀ stackedĀ Alfred
Must have productivity tool. Makes laptop use frictionless
will robbinsĀ stackedĀ Notion
Use it for literally everything. Like my second brain!
will robbinsĀ stackedĀ Tab Snooze
Use it to remind myself of important ideas, blogs, concepts etc. at regular intervals.
will robbinsĀ stackedĀ WHOOP
Tracks sleep and workouts and tells you how hard you should hit the gym each day based on your recovery.
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