Heath Blandford

Heath Blandford


Gamer, Customer Success Engineer, software enthusiast, consumer tech obsessive.

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Workflowy is exactly how my brain works; infinitely nesting bulleted lists. Fantastic.
Melissa Reffel
There's no better daily fitness tracker on the market. I've gotten more insights on my sleep, my daily strain, and how my sleep affects my performance. Well worth the yearly subscription.
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I love instacart, and have been a customer for over a year.
The most accurate and easy to use weather app I've used.
There are a lot of little reasons why I enjoy the Apple Watch so much. Archiving emails from my wrist, screening calls, silent alarms, smart assistant at the turn of a wrist, fitness tracking, tv remote... It's the perfect companion to my iPhone
My CAD software of choice. Great community support, and AutoCADs support of the free edition is great. There are a lot of things you can do with Fusion 360 (tool paths, sheet metal bending, etc) and can also do FEA.
Clean UI and Extensive features make Cura the one stop shop for all my slicing needs.
Mostly for fun, but also when something plastic breaks around the house, I can usually quickly model it, and 3D print a replacement. Then Ender 3 Pro has some nice upgrades from the normal Ender 3, and has a great build volume. Also a great price for newcomers to join the hobby
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