Katie Wells

Katie Wells


GM, Fintech.

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Helps with rationing precious groceries while sheltering in place and being more sedentary. Pairs nicely with online fitness resources.
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Can’t stop won’t stop.
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Katie Wells stacked Sofi
Keeps track of my personal financial health. Does it all - cash management, investing, borrowing, etc.
Because I worked on it, it’s slick, and I like that only I own the keys to my wallet to keep it safe.
Katie Wells stacked Lyft
It started with the mustaches.
Trail options wherever in the world you may be.
I love geography - I’m always looking up where things are. I also use it for ratings and reviews on restaurants and hotels.
Brings people together - for better or worse - and quickly tells me what is going on in the world and what people have to say about it.
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