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Vinish Garg


Products consultant for validation for UX, product narrative for design, marketability, and growth. Founder @outcomeconf @mystippi @ContentHug

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An affordable video-hosting service that is super-easy to use, and basic to advanced video-analytics
Notion is the most intuitive and utility-driven workflow set up experience for the teams. It brings Airtable-like experience for content collaboration, very flexible, yet powerful. Revisions, role-based node-level access, and switching to different content views. Super-useful.
AbadesiVinish Garg
Love the quality and the variety there; I am using it almost ever since they launched. High-quality images for almost all the needs and use cases. A really thriving community.
Leah GahaganMusaab A. Hussein
Thisten adds to the conference experience for all the participants. The audience gets real-time transcription of all or selected talks on their devices in their hands. Isn't it just amazing. I am so happy that Thisten was one of the sponsors of Outcome 2020. Top stuff by Ben!
Ben Grynol
Angel List is one of the authentic ways to check a company or user profile, closely after LinkedIn. Being an early contributor (and sometimes top contributor too) to Angel Alpha (curated content), I see the directions where it is going - community-driven.
Vinish Garg stacked Gmail
I started using it in 2006 and continue using it because of the adjacent utilities in Google Drive, Calendar, and apps.
Incredibly powerful, scalable, and intuitive. When we talk about "innovative + utility + experience" Airtable is close to the best ever product, close to Slack, or possibly Netflix. Top stuff!!
Vinish Garg stacked Zoom
Super intuitive for team meetings, with custom control with the host such as for the breakout sessions!
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