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Amazing portability, Bluetooth play (WiFi not needed). Awesome games!
The small form factor has been best for me. Excited for a 5.4” iPhone 12 😀
Currently using Free version for my new weekly newsletter. New to MC so excited to learn all the neat features. You can sign up here:
Vik Duggal stacked Chemex
I can adjust water temp, grind, etc. and really customize the coffee for me. Makes the most consistent coffee I've had. Use with their filter paper.
Vik Duggal stacked Otter
Game changer. Bought the Pro version. Love the messages I can send to my assistant; share with group, automatically transcribes Zoom calls recorded to cloud, record my thoughts on anything anywhere. Transcription is game changing. On my home screen.
Joe HootmanAaron
This may be the best tech I've purchased in the last five years. Love how they seamlessly connect to other apple products.
PASCAL TIEMANNElen UdovichenkoAaron
Browser of choice right now. I'm a fan of the great extensions.
Don't let your Kindle highlights disappear. Readwise surfaces highlights daily; it allows me to review and keep highlights - even from books I borrow from Libby. Increase the serendipity of my writing and has me always coming from a place of abundance. A thinking sidekick.
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