Jiří Vicherek

Jiří Vicherek


Passionate about communication and people, both live and online. Founder of PR/content agency focused on tech/IT/startups -FENEK^^.

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The legendary cock sauce!
Ben is my secret weapon to any discussion or online threat where the question "What tech newsletter do you recommend subscribing to?". I just wrote "Stratechery." and wait for the social capital - instant from those who already know it and long-lasting from those who did not.
At any conference I am the guy in the lobby, knowing who is speaking just to make a conversation. I hate online conferences. HATE them. I almost never attend online conference if it is not on Hopin. Hopin makes best out of a really bad thing. Even networking feature kinda works!
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Best animated TV show ever made and one of the best TV shows ever made. Great humor and layers and layers of meta. :)
Ben Thompson is my hero. He is up to the point, original, witty, but he also admits his own mistakes over time. The Exponent and Stratechery is my number one tech content tip.
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I loved the first half about personal principles, not so much the second, cause it seemed that he takes his employees merely as resources. But this book is SO different than all the others I’ve read and I took notes of almost every page (first half). I often come back to it.
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We had VR set in our office for several months. The first month we tried all the games (Space Pirates, Super Hot) and it was super fun. Last month we did not play any other game but Beat Saber. It’s fun even after tens of hours of playtime which makes it the best VR game so far.
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It's been said that a great way to decide if your startup has reached product/market fit is to turn it off and wait if your customers miss it. Well, I had lost my AirPods, used my old wired headphones for a brief time and found out quickly that I can no longer live without them.
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