Business Dev @ Slack. Toronto. Love Fitness/Natural Health, My pup Teddy and Continuous Learning.

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Varun stacked Miranda
You get to adjust your time and see what time it would be in other cities. Pretty cool.
Varun stacked Alfred
Super simple to search for something my laptop
Varun stacked Jour
It lets you pick three areas that you are grateful for and explain why. The design is lovely too.
Varun stacked Stocard Wallet
Having all my cards in one place keeps everything organized and saves a lot of time.
Varun stacked Airr
Best way to transcribe a podcast episode. Import your podcasts from Apple podcasts and you can save quotes from it to refer back to. You can sync this to your readwise app as well. Very, very clutch. Your timeline also shows saved quotes from other podcasts!
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Varun stacked Trulocal
Customize a box of high quality animal protein of your choice. You can customize before every order and choose your frequency (3 week, 1 month etc). Great for value and flexibility.
Varun stacked Unroll.Me
I can consolidate all my subscriptions to and scroll through it sort of like a curated digital newspaper. It also helps you unsubscribe to unwanted subscriptions very easily by swiping left when it shows up on your home screen.
Varun stacked Instapaper
I love the design of Instapaper. Very easy to save an article from a browser. Being able to highlight and archive articles is also cool. Never used Pocket, but am a huge fan of this.
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