Adam Ruf

Adam Ruf


Product Designer @AngelList; Creator; Weekly Design Mentor

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Adam Ruf stacked Plant
I haven't used it yet, but I'm trying to switch from Abstract, so we can use folders for better balance between organization and Sketch file size.
Andrei M. MarinescuJulie
Adam Ruf stacked Worthy
I love it for parking my non-emergency savings because my money earns 5% interest (not 0.5%). Note: These are bonds, you could potentially lose money. Want a free bond?
Stop wasting time with the default Android launcher. Before is great for people who want a faster way to access their most important and recently used apps.
jakedgkn.Ryan Hoover
Adam Ruf stacked Waymark
Fast, easy way to create timeline or milestone graphics for slide presentations
Ryan Hoover
Adam Ruf stacked Sideshow
Leader in pop culture art and collectibles. Also, how nerds like me decorate our spaces.
JulieJesse Russell
Adam Ruf stacked Snagit
People often ask me, "What's that tool you used to capture your screen?" Must-have for designers.
J. AdamsRyan SnyderChad Reynoldson
High-quality edutainment. Explorations of meaningful topics supported by compelling data stories and illustrations.
Kristi ÇungaEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Jake Hung Tran
Adam Ruf stacked Allbirds
Comfortable and stylish walking shoes from a company with a good environmental rating
KennethJason Bartz
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