Abhishek Uniyal

Abhishek Uniyal


I like to work on software products that people want. I also like deep tech innovations and hope to be part of one someday.

#blockchain, #product, #culture, #ux, #saas, #learning-and-development 
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This book helped me understand where I did wrong as a CEO in my first company. It helped me understand what good management is, how should one hire, and more importantly what does it mean to be a war-time and a peacetime CEO.
This show is one of my favs. I absolutely love the imagined worlds in the multiverse and the characters!
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Small fun games and experiences make me come back to it
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Slowly convincing me to switch from Airtable
Bernardo Campos
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Easy and powerful tool for managing data
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A great app to experiment with!
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Frankly, it's the new keyboard on Macbooks that doesn't work that well and I have started to make a lot of errors because of it. Sometimes, I genuinely make mistakes :D
A great place for quality articles.
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