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The borderless account is great and so is the customer service. Save versus bank rates on foreign exchange transfers.
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This is such a cool idea and very well done all the way around. I'm going to tell my local bar about it so they can stream the playlist and display when things open back up!
art selfie's always a crowd pleaser.
Podcast and newsletter centered on Asian-American themes, but also goes into class and race more broadly. I appreciate the nuance. Would like more if anyone has suggestions within the same genre!
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Favorite music podcast, maybe because I've really liked all the albums they've analyzed? 2 Kendrick Lamars, Frank Ocean, and Kanye. Looking forward to the most recent season which is Lemonade!
Ryan Hoover
Favorite tech community. Love the general openness and support. Lots of practical advice and real numbers too. Invaluable resource.
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5 longforms emailed to you every day across a variety of subjects. Keeps me from getting stuck in a tech, sports, politics media loop while also introducing me to new writers and outlets.
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Bought a Nano-Air vest last year and used it all winter for outdoor running and biking. Works great down to about 20 degrees. I also like what they're trying to do with the Worn Wear program.
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