Fauzan Helmi S.

Fauzan Helmi S.


A scrappy product manager

#product-management, #ui, #startup, #analytics, #investing 
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I got to learn that it's ultimately the team culture that will break or make a company.
Privacy-focused messenger. No online status and no need to share phone number to add friends.
Indonesian e-commerce with the most complete database of sellers and product sold. Also great UI/UX with various payment options available.
The app produces a very high quality image of the scan result. Most useful when I need to scan legal documents or receipts for reimbursement.
Much simpler and faster workflow to get slides done.
WFH savior. I get my breakfast, lunch, dinner delivered at my doorstep.
I use it to track time of my personal and professional work. I would then review what I have been working on weekly basis and reprioritize if my time had gone to waste. It has great UI too 👍
Command line to rule them all.
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