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UX Designer Based in Mexico City. Virtual Reality and Game Dev enthusiast.

#literature, #mediation, #design, #ux, #reading, #dataĀ 
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TricktrapĀ stackedĀ Clockwise
The best for scheduling focus time and not to get confused when your team is in different time zones.
TricktrapĀ stackedĀ Spectacle
The best way to reorganize windows in MacOS
TricktrapĀ stackedĀ Trello
Perfect for mapping tasks in collaboration.
TricktrapĀ stackedĀ Notion
The "Big N" keeps everything I write in its cool templates.
TricktrapĀ stackedĀ Slack
The best experience for work communications and powerful integrations.
To nail those beat saber notes anywhere.
TricktrapĀ stackedĀ Figma
Great tool for collaboration and maintaining big projects.
TricktrapĀ stackedĀ iPhone 12
There's no other smartphone like iPhone.
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