Tony Conrad

Tony Conrad


Partner at True Ventures. Holder of Parking Karma and Overly Hyped Pour-Over Coffee Skills.

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Probiotic, non dairy yogurt and gelato to die for but it makes you healthy :)
Ben Clymer and the editorial team at Hodinkee make learning about (and occasionally buying) watches fund.
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Full disclosure, I'm on the board and we (True Ventures) are an investor. This app has played a huge role in resetting my overall health. I've used it daily for nearly 2 years and it's effectiveness is significant. Beautiful, simple interface + effective results = good habits.
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I love our firm, what we believe in and the founders, entrepreneurs we get to learn from while being an investor.
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Organic, beautiful, natural flavors, a great way to break a fast - Marco started Hearth in NYC and Brodo spun out because his broth was so popular. I always have some in my freezer.
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sooooo good. just download it and listen.
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It's really simple to follow the course work and Sam Harris makes it interesting to learn.
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I am data driven and Oura is easily the most accurate sleep tracker. Since it's a ring, it's always on so you get consistent data every night.
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