Tony Conrad

Tony Conrad


Partner at True Ventures. Holder of Parking Karma and Overly Hyped Pour-Over Coffee Skills.

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Alex Toussaint is amazing. Beautiful product, the experience starts with their installation team, honestly an unparalleled service. Good vibes all around, music, encouragement, meaningful exercise all rolled into one peloton.
AbadesiColeman FoleyAzra Bihorac
James & Bryan - the way they source the product; supporting farmers in developing regions of the world to grow the purest, highest quality organic beans that promote sustainability; how they serve the product (what cup, glass, temperature, espresso drinks only on premise….).
Anna Grigoryan
I love the flexibility and the Happiness team at WP is unparalleled in their effectiveness, response time.
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Ryan Hoover
Great book on leadership. Reads like Fiction but is based on a real life heroic story.
Jeffrey Veen
it's easy, anyone can pick it up quickly.
Ryan HooverEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
The camera is fabulous.
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