Todd Goldberg

Todd Goldberg


Product + GTM. Angel investor. Builder (Eventjoy, Acq Ticketmaster). YC alum. Ramen fanatic 🍜

#remote, #fintech, #photography, #startup 
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I take Magic Mind every day with my morning coffee. It helps me focus and reduces my desire to drink more caffeine throughout the day. I also love the branding! 😍
OpheliaCatherineJonathan Grahl | Bittermandel
I learn something new every time I use Clubhouse. They're building something special to help connect people through live audio conversations.
Pratik GandhiKeegan J. SardAndrew Tye
It's a super simple way to give product/deck feedback via screenshot or video
Julia ChingfabianParker Henderson
I run my investing workflows off Notion, but it's slowly creeping into other aspects of my life.
Alexandre MouriecOnutzMike Kosulin
It's my default podcast app
It's my default mobile browser
I use it to turn pixels into products
Parker Henderson
It's a stocks app that's fast, free, and beautiful
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