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Interested in Productivity, Personal Knowledge Management & new ideas.

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tom ross stacked iPad Pro
I have the 2018 version and I don't use it as much as I used to since I bought my MBP. Prior to that I was treating it like a laptop or for when I needed a screen bigger than my phone. Great that it operates as a second screen when required too!
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tom ross stacked Monzo
Pushed the mobile banking experience further than any bank. Traditional banks have been playing catch up and are still nowhere near Monzo is capability. The ability to create pots and put money into them is amazing, and everything is super clear.
tom ross stacked WHOOP
Only had WHOOP a couple of days but can immediately see how itll benefit! looking forward to seeing how i get on over the next few weeks!
Jesse Russell
Had this bag for a few years - Solid and decent size. It's even survived my rabbits chewing it!
When I need upbeat music that'll help me stay in the zone at work (and let me pretend im on holiday too) is where you'll find me
tom ross stacked Brave
Taking steps to limit the Google involvement in my life, so I've moved to Brave. Doesn't feel especially different to Chrome really and that's not a bad thing.
I'm someone who is vegan leaning. This book exposed the horrors of animal factory farming and the extent the farming industries will go to to hide the horrors they commit. I'm convinced future generations will look at the way we treat animals now, the way we look at the holocaust
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Different perspectives and thought provoking tweets.
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