Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

@tmiketĀ Ā 

Eternally curious | Working & Learning Outloud | Honorary Canadian | International Keynote Speaker | Learning, Design & Technology Consultant @Nationwide

#learning-and-development, #learning, #powerpoint, #elearning, #marketing, #nocodeĀ 



My 'go to' tool for digital content including motion graphics, video, ebooks & more.
Great option for capturing and sharing screenshots from right in your browser
Mike TaylorĀ stackedĀ Loom
Quick, easy & effective!
Mike TaylorĀ stackedĀ Feedly
The best, most efficient way to keep up with everything you're interested it. Total game-changer!
Mike TaylorĀ stackedĀ Glide
Making an app from a Googlesheet is fast, easy and awesome!
Impossible to build an ugly slide deck with this.
Mike TaylorĀ stackedĀ bublup
The stuff you save in Bublup is easy to navigate at a glance with pictures and titles. Keep links in the same folders as PDFs, photos, videos, GIFs, notes, and other files.
Mike TaylorĀ stackedĀ TalkBook
Fantastic way to share follow up items and capture leads for speakers/presenters
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