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Hi, I'm Tim Feeley! I'm a Product Manager @Google. Before that, @Facebook & @TripAdvisor. Tweets are mine & not worth stealing anyway.

#ui, #ux, #tech 
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Moves makes it easy to move your windows—just hold Shift+⌘ (or whatever you set) while your cursor is over a window, and it starts to move! Saves lots tiny bits of effort throughout the day :)
There are better, and pricier alternatives out there for sure—but you can find this guy around $50, and it does a great job delivering the rich soothing tones of your voice to everyone on VC :)
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The missing popup calendar that is easily-accessible from a near-identical looking time widget in the macOS menu bar that replaces the system widget. Simple and effective to get a glimpse of the dates ahead (or behind!)
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Cool, comfortable, flexible. I only sleep with a cat, but if I ever choose to let a human accompany me, there are two different temperature zones. Plus, you get some rich insights to help improve your sleep health!
A great meta-toolkit for exploring virtually any problem space.
Engaging, challenging workouts, heavily steeped in positivity and motivation. Plus, the onboarding experience is great!
Looks sleek, has that Apple "je ne sais quoi," and has some pretty impressive sound quality—BUT—of limited use for non Apple Music users and doesn't support non-HomeKit devices.
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