Tiffany Chen

Tiffany Chen


student @Princeton // athlete @PrincetonTennis // founder @karyoapp // Illinois native

#crossfit, #internet, #party, #music, #fitness, #reading, #startup +5
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LOVE this meditation app. Tried Headspace but found this app much easier to stick to. It feels more personal and realistic with videos of real people, and I felt the benefits of their techniques within a few weeks of sticking to it.
Danny DenhardYi WeiRahul
Tiffany Chen stacked bubly
Great flavor and fun branding, the pop tab says "hiiiiii" which I appreciate
Jesse ReichensteinPassbaseJosé Cage
Tiffany Chen stacked Self Control
Great for keeping me off certain websites when I need to be productive
Alexandre MouriecKapil KaleBud Hennekes
Tiffany Chen stacked Songkick
Gives me updates on which artists are coming near me
Tiffany Chen stacked RunKeeper
Great for tracking my runs and has a nice feature to track my shoe mileage, which I usually don't pay attention to
Tiffany Chen stacked Snackpass
Fun and social, and has great discounts all the time
Tiffany Chen stacked Brave
Fast and secure
Tiffany Chen stacked Forest
Cute way of staying off the phone
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