I'm a maker building platforms that people love using the latest no-code tools. I share simple insights about building products, writing & love helping others.

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KP stacked Airtable
Airtable was my first foray into no-code. Fundamentally changed how I viewed spreadsheets. Love how simple it is to throw a quick form together and shoot a link to someone. The forms are just aesthetically and functionally superior to Google Sheets.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Whit Anderson IVEmily Kellert
KP stacked Webflow
The perfect "intermediate" level no-code platform with a great focus on the aesthetics. I love the "Cloneable" feature. It has a bit of a learning curve but once you are over that, you'll love building no-code sites with Webflow.
Calum WebbEmily KellertHarris Karim
KP stacked Twitter
After many years of not realizing the power of Twitter, I started using it as a learning platform since 2018 and it is functioning that way brilliantly for me. Love sharing my ideas and connecting with other interesting minds on Twitter.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Fajar Siddiq
KP stacked YourStack
I mean, where else would I geek out and satisfy my curiosity about what products people are using and how much they love them?
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Fajar Siddiq
KP stacked Table 2 Site
It's a super simple landing page creator powered by Airtable. I built and shipped my 1st no-code platform using this and it was a huge advantage over anything complex. Loved it!
A very contrarian book to most "feel good" books.. it took me a minute to digest to the core essence of the main theory discussed "Adlerian Philosophy". The authors present wisdom without any fluff, it is direct and sharp.
Amazon is getting us closer to the reality of having a personal JARVIS. Love this little device.
KP stacked Bubble
Bubble is the best visual coding platform out there (as of Jan 23, 2020) with the ability to create user accounts, content management, powerful plugins and logic frameworks. Mastering Bubble gives you superpowers as a no-coder.
Ryan Hoover
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