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Steve Eddy stacked Naked Wines
I've tried several wine subscription services and this is the best. It's so nice to help small winemakers and try new wines.
Steve Eddy stacked HelloFresh
It works perfectly for my small family. It helps remove so much of the meal planning, grocery shopping, and greatly reduces food waste.
Steve Eddy stacked Magic Spoon
scary how good it tastes while being so healthy (at least for low-carb diets). It is pricy, but...
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Steve Eddy stacked Kindle
I do miss collecting books and displaying them. I've been using Kindle since the very early days, and I can't imagine going back. It goes everywhere with me. It makes reading during the day easier. It makes reading at the beach easier. It makes reading at night easier. Love.
Steve Eddy stacked The 4-Hour Body
Why do I love this book? Let me count the ways... There are hundreds of life tips, but the diet has been a game-changer for me.
Steve Eddy stacked Grammarly
As an English major, I was reluctant to give in to this... but it is so helpful every single day. It's quite unobtrusive and useful at the same. It even fixed 2 errors while I was writing this note!
Steve Eddy stacked Shopmonkey
Auto shops have kept up with the times, now there is finally shop management software for that modern shop.
Steve Eddy stacked
15 years ago, this job took hours, 5 years ago it took 30 minutes, now it takes 5 seconds. And it does it perfectly 99.99% of the time. Amazing.
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