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Karl Larson


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It helps you see the right mindset for making money and includes a useful framework for looking at a business.
I'm not in love with it yet, but I'm using it for a personal CRM and notes. I don't like it for project or task management.
I don't like audio as much as reading because it's slower, but when I have to Overcast's smart speed saves me time.
I want to remove myself from Google's ecosystem as much as possible and ProtonMail helps me do that.
I've tried Todoist, TickTick, and a handful of other task managers, but the beautiful design keeps me coming back to Things. I wish every app looked like Things. It's bad for sharing or collaborating, so consider something else if you use a task manager with others.
It's free and has every version you need.
Despite an underwhelming UX, it's the best app for food tracking because of it's large database.
This is my quick entry. I never want to lose a valuable idea, thought, or task, so this is my fast inbox. From here, I can send it to Things, Notion, etc.
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