Donnie Adams

Donnie Adams


Programmer, mathematician, educator. And basketball is fun. Go SM Knights!

#development, #nba, #programming, #basketball, #cycling, #running, #rust-lang +6
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This is a great financial services product for business just trying to get off the ground.
Donnie Adams stacked Guru
Great way to keep track of a knowledge base for both customers and employees.
Great for reading saved articles without a backlight late at night.
I enjoy the reading experience, and I can take all the books I want anywhere I go.
Large food database and intuitive UI
Great way to improve focus and drown out ambient noise to get things done.
I appreciate the ability to switch between Mac and Windows layout, and the ability to use the keyboard in Bluetooth mode even while it is plugged in and charging with a different computer.
Best iPhone I have ever owned.
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