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Pro tips

Chrome Extensions

Kiwi supports Chrome extensions and they all work great! Use it for ad-blockers and more.

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What's on your homescreen?

• Trying Basecamp out, so I put it on my homescreen to remind myself to use it. • X-plore file manager is the best out there and I need quick access to files. • Maps and Moovit for easy access in case I get lost. • Zoho Notebook to quickly capture ideas or reference info (used to use Google Keep but I'm gradually switching to Zoho). • To Do as a quick way to add tasks and check what I have to do • Calendar for important reminders and scheduled events • Kiwi Browser is a de-Googled version of Chrome that supports extensions and has a stellar dark mode built-in • Firefox is my main browser (alongside Safari, but I've got an Android phone) and I use it mainly for tabs I want to access from my laptop later on. • Telegram is my messenger of choice, I mostly use it to communicate with my partner and subscribe to news channels (which I mute) It goes without saying that I also have the built-in dialer on my homescreen! ;)

9:13 AM · Dec 16, 2019

Which email client do you use?

Twobird is my favorite at the moment but still a bit buggy on Android. Love the interface, markdown support and the ability to create and place notes in your inbox! You can email these notes to others and they can edit them without a Twobird account! Anybody can edit, it's great! Tempo is also quite innovative in that it doesn't let emails overwhelm you. You move the emails you want to focus on to your Workspace, and nothing changes there unless you make a change (mark an email as done, delete or snooze it). New email will be waiting for you in the inbox. I like the follow up reminders (i.e. if the recipient doesn't reply within X days, remind me to follow up). Patiently waiting for a mobile app. Outlook for mobile is AWESOME because it does a great job separating the important emails from those that can wait. It's not very powerful though (no HTML). Spark is great because it lets me send cool looking emails (great HTML editor and ability to store many HTML signature and switch between them easily) but I don't like their organization system. New email is put into categories (private, newsletters, updates) but once you read it, it all goes into the same "read" folder which makes no sense.

21:00 PM · Dec 16, 2019

What wearables do you wear?

The original Pebble, thanks to Rebble. I'm not sure I can function without it anymore. I don't even keep it connected to my phone. It's a standalone smart alarm clock, stopwatch, pomodoro timer, compass and even fitness instructor (who am I kidding, I rarely work out but still). I love it so much and regret not buying a Pebble Time before the company went bankrupt 😢💔 Nothing beats a 10-day battery life and perfect outdoor visibility. Most importantly, it doesn't have to be tethered to a phone to work, unlike most—if not all—other smartwatches.

21:58 PM · Dec 15, 2019
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Which email client do you use?

I'm a fan of its email threading and smart sensing for notifications on only important emails. It seems to do a good job of triaging emails. Appreciate the price point as well - free as of now :)

19:23 PM · Nov 30, 2019

Which email client do you use?

Love having a separate email client. Smart notifications were a game-changer when they were introduced

18:39 PM · Oct 3, 2019
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