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Anna stacked YourStack
It's like Product Hunt but instead of sales pitches for oftentimes mediocre products, you get recommendations and reasons why people love using certain products.
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Anna stacked jekyll
I’m so glad I discovered Jekyll when I did, and wish I’d learned about it sooner. It uses the same templating language that Shopify made and uses (Liquid) which is relatively easy to learn, even for an absolute beginner, like me. It’s not the fastest static site generator though.
AndrewMargaret GipsonMatthew Paul
Anna stacked Sam
Creates an easy to understand timeline of travel info, like flights, hotels etc. It used to connect to Gmail and pull info directly, but not anymore (you have to foward emails). Doesn't automatically recognize Airbnb bookings. It's work in progress but I love the simple timeline.
Anna stacked Clue
I didn't use any period tracker before clue because I hated the all-pink interfaces (it really sends the wrong message when you treat your users like kindergartners.) Clue has a minimal, functional interface and can track and analyze symptoms too.
jess moran.Morgan CrutchfieldMatthew Paul
Anna stacked AdAway
Ad-blocker for rooted Android devices. Works like a charm. Ability to add custom host lists. Blocks ads everywhere. Open Source.
I've tried a lot of launchers but nothing beats the organizational powers of Smart Launcher. All your apps automatically (or manually) categorized. Easy navigation, quick access to everything. I can't use my phone without it anymore.
The perfect backup tool, as long as you have a rooted Android device. It creates perfect app of all your apps along with app and device data. Restores them perfectly on any other—rooted—Android device.
Anna stacked Stoop
I love newsletters but hate getting lots of emails. Stoop is the perfect solution!
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