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Easy to collaborate on a flexible shared doc. Good for creating a timeline and communicating with clients, without losing track of messages and emails. Keeps everyone on the same page.
Pierre-Henry SoriaApple_ksRitvik Varghese
Anna stacked Figma
Best design tool for solo and collaborative use. Easy to create interactive prototypes. Speeds up development by providing CSS snippets.
Michael R. NallPierre-Henry SoriaPeter Ericsson
Anna stacked Around
Wish I had more opportunities to use Around. It’s the best video-calling experience I’ve ever had. The makers understand all the pain points of having video calls and have come up with great solutions to all of them.
Micah CarrollCanberk Çevik
Anna stacked Eagle
The perfect gallery/asset/inspiration manager for desktop computers! 💙 I can hardly believe I used to organize assets using regular folders in the past. The browser extensions are the cherry on top, letting you drag any image into Eagle. Bonus points for being offline-first.
Brennon DennyLam HoangCalcutta Puri
Tweek literally changed my life. I'm a sucker for complicated digital tools but nothing could beat the clarity I got when using a simple paper planner. Tweek is just like that but with all the advantages of being a digital product. I can't recommend it highly enough! ❤️
jenstumblesAyush TiwariMaximilien Moreau (Max)
Anna stacked Daywise
I want to be kept up to date but HATE interruptions. My phone is my private space. Daywise collects all of the notifications that aren't urgent and I read them in batches whenever I want. I no longer miss important notifications in the clutter. In fact, there is no clutter! 🥳
Maximilien Moreau (Max)
Anna stacked Notion
Flexible personal database that supports markdown and embedding all sorts of things. You gotta find your use cases for it, otherwise you'll wonder why people rave about it. I use it as a space for my thoughts, journal and copywriting. Airtable is more powerful but less flexible.
Maximilien Moreau (Max)Behrouz J.Robin Papa
Anna stacked 1 Feed
I can’t recommend 1Feed (and its optional Pro subscription) enough! It’s not just an RSS reader; it’s the central hub for all the websites you want to check on a regular basis. Instead of overwhelming you with an infinite feed of updates, each site takes up just one line!
Maximilien Moreau (Max)Binyamin GreenBIG.UA
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