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Ayush Pathak

A #NoCode geek.

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While FAR from perfect, it's the most amazing product I've ever used.
Finally I don't have to mess up my bookmarks
Amazing simplicity!. The part I love it the most is that it allows unlimited subscribers even in the free plan!
Ayush Pathak
Brave is an Amazing piece of software. It drastically reduces page load time and helps me help other creators with the help of Brave Rewards. Perfect to do away with your chrome addiction
Ayush Pathak
There is a huge variety of templates available and lets you create stunning stories in a matter of minutes
Ayush Pathak
Ayush Pathak stacked Miro
Love it for its unlimited potential of the never-ending whiteboard. Here my ideas have a visual place to grow
Ayush Pathak
Gives in-depth analysis of how my users interact with my websites, in addition, it's really easy to setup
Ayush Pathak
Amazing place to look for super-cool new startups
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