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Theo stacked NextDNS
block unwanted queries at the DNS level - around 10% of all queries in my case
Theo stacked Glitch
made with it and other apps - anybody can build and deploy live apps with Glitch
JasonJames YoungAaron
Theo stacked PoolTogether
crypto-first premium bonds :) the best way i found so far to onboard friends to crypto
Jun GongJesse RussellAaron
Theo stacked Firebase
been using it for many years now - great for building serverless apps
Theo stacked Google Maps
i love maps - just looking at maps wherever i go Google still makes the best maps imho
Theo stacked AirPods Pro
ok so i wasn't sure but they're actually great - noise cancelling doesn't make me dizzy, and i can now listen to podcasts in noisy environments (bloody mechanical keyboards)
Theo stacked Twitter
genuine, simple and immutable - the only place where you see Elon sending kisses to Jeff
Theo stacked MacBook Pro
still using my 13-inch late 2013 MacBook - i doubled the ram when i bought it i can't think of something that i don't like about it - Apple greatest product imho
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