John King

John King

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Creator & strategist @TAPP

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John KingĀ stackedĀ Tesla Model S
Great car
John KingĀ stackedĀ Gunnar
Its helped my eye strain while working on my laptop.
One of the best air purifiers I've ever used with 5 filters.
John KingĀ stackedĀ DuckDuckGo
Its the only "privacy-esque" public search engine in the marketplace--I don't miss seeing ads!
John KingĀ stackedĀ Spark
Less buggy than iOS mail.
John KingĀ stackedĀ tapp
easy, fast, elegant.
John KingĀ stackedĀ Mercedes Benz
Comfortable, safe, reliable.
Because nothing starts out perfectly in the real world.
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