An unemployed african american student of tibetan buddhism and qero shamanism, as well as an huge tech lover and ai enthusiast.

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Adontai stacked Spike
Talk about the app that does everything! Spike brings all your communication and productivity tools into one app. I love how easy it is to enable by simply signing in with your regular email(s) address.
Adontai stacked Apple HomePod
The Apple homepod really is the best sounding speaker of all the smart speakers available. It also doesn't hurt that Apple has baked in these magical little touches that if you are already all in on Apple make it almost irresistible.
Adontai stacked Sweatcoin
It's a very easy way of earning sweatcoins throughout your day, just on your casual walks.
Adontai stacked Cash App
The cash app has become indispensable for sending and receiving money from friends and acquaintances instantly and easily.
Adontai stacked HEY
Adontai stacked Krisp
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