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Julie stacked Slash
It helps me focus on a task but also to understand how much time I spend on something. I really enjoy it.
Dylan RonanCalcutta PuriDhruv
Julie stacked Notes.app
The best note-taking app I have been using. It's simple. It's always there, and it syncs with all of your Apple devices.
PASCAL TIEMANNBrad BrooksStefan Natter
I can't live without it.
Julie stacked Autonomous
I got the DIY kit, meaning I was able to use my own desktop (I bought one that I thought looked nice at Ikea), and honestly, it was easy to set up and it worked on the first try. It's pretty solid and works well.
Amrith ShanbhagAlexNoemie Catel
It's easy to use, it can manage several calendars at once which is a big plus for me. It sends reminders and allows you to view your planning on different timezones.
Amrith ShanbhagTamas ZeliziBrad
I used to think that cleaning my face with oil would clog my pores but it's the opposite. My skin has never been so clean. I highly recommend this pre-cleansing oil from Dermalogica. The best I've tried so far.
SattarCalum WebbDan Edwards
Pretty good quality for stickers, it's fast and it's affordable.
Stefan NatterSattarEmma Butler
Julie stacked Diet Coke
If you know me, you know that I drink a lot of this.
Amrith ShanbhagCalum WebbAlexandre Mouriec
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