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JulieĀ stackedĀ Philips Hue
I can turn the lights on when I'm away. It helps me go to bed and wake up in the morning. I love this
Prashant NigamAleksandra Smelianska
3 days ago
JulieĀ stackedĀ Whimsical
It's simple and helps convey ideas very easily when working on a project.
Ryan HooverRahulDiogo Ferreira
6 days ago
JulieĀ stackedĀ Caption
If I'm about to relax and watch a movie, I don't want to spend forever finding the subtitles. Caption does that for me.
about 2 months ago
I used to pay for LED sessions at the dermatologist, and they worked but it was too expensive in the long run. I recently bought this (somewhat scary) mask, and I'm super happy with the results. It's an investment, but seeing how my skin improved, it was worth it.
about 2 months ago
JulieĀ stackedĀ Lifesum
I use it to track what I eat. Eating-habits are the most important thing to stay fit.
Ryan HooverDan Edwards
3 months ago
JulieĀ stackedĀ Zero
Iā€™ve been using Zero for a few weeks (doing 16:8) and I loved the simplicity of it. I just updated the app and I loved the little onboarding. Cute illustrations. New interface is looking great.
5 months ago
JulieĀ stackedĀ Grammarly
I use it all the time, even to write this right now. Crazy
5 months ago
JulieĀ stackedĀ
My Fridays afternoons soundtrack
5 months ago
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