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I'm a product geek who likes to discover new things.

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Don't know if it works but it's so cheap, why not?
AgnesĀ stackedĀ Flair Espresso
Makes professional grade espressos without the hassle of cleaning a machine.
AgnesĀ stackedĀ YouTube
Chloe Ting's videos. wow, I actually sweat and lose weight.
AgnesĀ stackedĀ iPhone 11
I'm appreciating Apple more and more. It just works well, but I do wish it had some of the cool features of Android.
can get craazy
AgnesĀ stackedĀ Notion
there is no productivity slayer for me, so I use a combo of Notion, Bear, Evernote, Apple Notes....maybe I'm still looking for the ONE
AgnesĀ stackedĀ Spotify
seamless---works on all of the devices, so the music never stops from iphone to Sonos to computer.
AgnesĀ stackedĀ Overcooked 2
i love it and hate it.
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