Suzy Ryoo

Suzy Ryoo


Co-Founder, Q&A. Partner @AtomFactory @CrossCultureVC. @KauffmanFellows C22. Culturally ambitious ✨📍LA via immigrant entrepreneur family, #runningryoos ❤

#family, #music, #travel, #startups 
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I take two Seed prebiotics pills every night before I go to bed. No problems with digestion before, and yet I feel a difference that I never knew I needed.. :O)
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I have a Medium carry on, as well as a mini Makeup case. I love the hard shell.
I'm trying to run more, so I pay $15/month for one class a month. I prefer reformer Pilates or Hip Hop Yoga.
I need these with a loud case. I've lost 6 pairs in less than a year, and I'm purchasing a 7th soon.
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I've met boss women through the Girlboss community, both online and in real life!
I discover health(ier) brands that I enjoy, and I don't have to go to Whole Foods or Gelson's.
I've tried to read 12 books a year for a few years. This might be the year.
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I message in a group chat with my Korean parents.
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