Sumukh Sridhara

Sumukh Sridhara


Product/Engineering @AngelList Venture

#audiobook, #programming, #podcast, #fintech, #product 
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Sumukh Sridhara stacked Alfred
I use Alfred ~150 times a day. It's the default way I switch between apps and do common math calculations or system commands.
Sumukh Sridhara stacked Bartender
Hiding useless menubar items & better organization for the dozens of tools I use
Wireless Noise Cancellation with a decent battery life
Sumukh Sridhara stacked YourStack
I like hearing about products people are passionate about & love using
RahulKapil Kale
Sumukh Sridhara stacked Scribd
It's Netflix for Books & Audibooks!
Sumukh Sridhara stacked Goodreads
Tracking my yearly book goals as well letting me know what my friends are reading
Sumukh Sridhara stacked AngelList
Recruiting & Venture Investing (Syndicates/Funds)
Sumukh Sridhara stacked Whimsical
Architecture diagrams & flow charts
YourStack Mascot