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The best app to save what inspires you. Also its completely free :)
Keep tabs of all your recurring bills, and say goodbye to financial surprises.
The best designed email client, with read receipts and many other features. Pay one time only for premium features, no subscription. Loved it! Thanks Canary :)
Say No! to Spam calls, SMS and frauds. Don't giveaway your phone no. anywhere you don't have to, get a virtual second number (at a small price). Get Doosra. (Available in India only for now).
lets you plan and organize your day in chunks of hours. Super useful. :)
Amazing app, stiches your screenshots into one long screenshot. A must have.
The best app to scan documents using your phone by Evernote. Also its free.
A must have, if you do not want to loose touch with your connections.
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