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I am a software engineer with a passion for technology, cars, music, and food

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StamatiĀ stackedĀ Noto
Beautiful interface, very similar to Apple Notes
StamatiĀ stackedĀ Spotify
I have always managed to come back to this service. The recommendations and curated playlists are unmatchable.
StamatiĀ stackedĀ Clean Code
Great for beginners and it explains the best and worst practices when it comes to writing organized code.
StamatiĀ stackedĀ Obsidian
Being a software engineer means continuing to learn new things. This is the best way to write ideas, thoughts, and notes down about different concepts and link them together for future reference.
StamatiĀ stackedĀ VSCodium
It's identical to VSCode but without the telemetry!
StamatiĀ stackedĀ Synology Inc.
StamatiĀ stackedĀ CleanMyMac
StamatiĀ stackedĀ Hyper Terminal
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