Stas Kulesh

Stas Kulesh


I blog, play the piano, watch Peep Show and run Parenting also.

#design, #startups, #animation, #scifi, #parent 
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Stas Kulesh stacked Helium
The easiest way of using YT Music, Google Music media players as an always-on-top floating window.
Calum WebbDavid JurneyRyan Hoover
Stas Kulesh stacked LICEcap
Simple and fast!
Stas Kulesh stacked you-get
You-Get is a tiny command-line utility to download media contents (videos, audios, images) from the Web, in case there is no other handy way to do it.
Stas Kulesh stacked ToothFairy
TF provides the simplest way for switching between my casual AirPods and studio Bose headphones.
Stas Kulesh stacked Chromecast
Play music everywhere
Stas Kulesh stacked Karmabot
True bonding for remote teams. The best and the simplest points system for peer recognition and appreciation.
Stas Kulesh stacked TransferWise
The easiest way to sent funds around
Stas Kulesh stacked Dropbox
Not sure if I LOVE the Dropbox, but it's the most reliable file-sync solution out there.
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