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Steph Nelson


Snow + baseball = joy. Impassioned list maker. And coffee maker. @NotionHQ Pro. Owned by Simon (the Goldendoodle).

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It's not perfect, but it gives me hope that maybe Wear OS will survive. I do love that Wear OS notifications keep my nose out of my phone, which significantly cuts down on my screen time. No more going down a Twitter rabbit hole just because a Slack (etc) notification came in.
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I use Breevy in Windows 10, but Text Blaze is a dream on my Chromebook. Makes time/date stamps (and other dynamic content) a breeze.
The best way to capture, edit, manage screenshots. The scrolling capture has saved me multiple times.
I can't believe I'm writing a love letter to a dishwasher. Unloading the DW used to be one of my least favorite chores until my DW crashed and I was without one for a while. This dishwasher is QUIET. You barely know it's on. I never knew my silverware could be this clean.
Seriously, I don't dread looking at my email because of Spark. The Smart Inbox makes managing multiple email accounts so much easier. Get a quick overview of your emails and take action, archive, delete with just a few taps and swipes. I'd love a web app...Waiting for that day.
I begin my day, spend my day, and end my day in Notion. It's changed the way I organize, see, and plan my life and work. Databases are an incredibly powerful aspect of the app. But the other powerful aspect of the app is the simplicity of it. Create a page, start typing. Simple.
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You might roll your eyes at this, but I love task management apps so much that I use two. TickTick for my personal life and Todoist for everything work-related. Tick Tick is a joy to use. I know this sounds corny, but it is. The calendar view is a game-changer.
I love soundtracking my life with Spotify. I've dialed in my playlists, look forward to the Release Radar on Fridays and travel with downloaded playlists when I'm out walking with my dog or driving.
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