Mary Rinaldi

Mary Rinaldi


mentor-in-residence at New Inc, freelance writer, strategist and advisor to start-ups and solopreneuers. former founder and product person. pronouns: she/her

#culture, #feminism, #work 
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We are surprisingly under-educated about physics, when it concerns everything. This book helps change that and provides essential context for thoughtfulness and expansion in life and work. Every person should read it.
Alessio CalvoJoe HootmanAdam Tait
I don't, I hate it.
Deconstruction and explanation of layered, complex ideas done extremely well.
Max Yakin Bozek スAlex KazakovBram Adams
Mary Rinaldi stacked HEY
No tracking, no selling of email addresses, a return to mail by electric transmission. I'm excited to see the first version, and I love the "tell us a story" approach to their waitlist. Brilliant.
Joe HootmanDouglas RoseRyan Hoover
Fantastic way to settle up when sharing costs with a group. Connects to Venmo and Paypal to make payments easy.
Taylor MajewskiKaloyan DobrevAbadesi
Mary Rinaldi stacked VSCO
VSCO is a thoughtful evolution of photography on the mobile phone. I get to focus on photography as a practice because there’s no social pressure. It feels even better than OG instagram.
Supportive, actionable advice and forums for women in tech. No bullying, just talented people with tips, stories and connections to make.
AbadesiKaterinaRadoslav Stankov
Clean, flexible do-everything tool. Feels both expansive and structured. I love the organization of templates, the emoji use, easy/smart shortcuts and the simplicity. Highly recommend.
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