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It's a gaming monitor with super nice refresh rate
Great size, camera, battery life, stock Android. What else do you need?
SilverJaanusĀ stackedĀ iPad Air 4
Super nice experience and finally Type-C charging
Super nice mechanical keys, pleasure to type
Nicely customisable buttons but also weight. Works wirelessly and with a charging chord
SilverJaanusĀ stackedĀ Ditto
sometimes you need the 12the thing you copied in the morning but cannot remember for the life of you wherre you got it. Ditto to the rescue.
SilverJaanusĀ stackedĀ OnePlus 6
One of the last best OnePlus phones. Great hardware with decent price. After the Pro models I'm not sure I even want a OnePlus anymore
ANC is the best, they're very comfortable and ability to connect to 2 devices at the same time is great.
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