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Founded Spree, Investing at Dorm Room Fund, Pretending to study at USC

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Shub Gaur stacked Clay
I forget about really cool people a lot. This lets me not do that.
Shub Gaur stacked Magnet
Split your screens with shortcuts
Shub Gaur stacked Blender
Free, powerful 3D- can't ask for much more than that
Shub Gaur stacked Yoink
Basically, I fully believe this should be a native macOS feature: makes drag and drop actually useful!
Shub Gaur stacked Spotify
It's social, crossfade, easy to use :)
Shub Gaur stacked Spline
Great for simple 3d projects!
Shub Gaur stacked Sorted
Hyperscheduling, but so freaking easy
Physical and dynamic enough to be intense throughout the whole game.
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