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Sahil Lavingia

creating @gumroad, among other things: @shlpaints

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People in the US discount the need for PayPal. 38%+ of our incoming payments come through PayPal, especially internationally. If you’re not supporting PayPal payments, you’re missing out. And it’s gotten a lot better to work with over the years.
ElavenilDavid CrowMax Yakin Bozek ス
We use it for all credit card payments at Gumroad, and have been since it was in closed beta in April 2011. Nothing comes close, to their product but especially their marketing.
Mikkel MalmbergOnutzNatarajan
Good for stacking.
Lolita Taub
More fun to drive than a Tesla Model 3, and cheaper too. I drive a 2008, and at 196,000 miles it's still chugging along fine. Though the chugging is getting louder...
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Lisa AbeytaFajar SiddiqKapil Kale
Besides using it to plan my wedding, I credit Pinterest for bringing me to Silicon Valley and jump starting my whole career.
Avi AryanSharon BlattAli Engin
The greatest fitness app. It's clear the makers behind this thing use it every week, because it is so perfect. (I've tried Future. I prefer going to the gym and figuring out my own routine myself.)
PASCAL TIEMANNKapil KaleJovian Gautama
Our whole company runs on Notion. (Except the codebase.) Excited to open source it all! But for now:
Lolita TaubTim NugmanovOnutz
My to-do list. It's the fastest one, which is the only feature I care about.
sakaiiiiCosimo ChelliniOliver Glenn
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