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Been through Bear, iA Writer and Notion - nothing beats apple for ease of use and just works native experience even if it lacks a few features.
My favorite app for interacting with Gmail accounts on Mac (which is basically all email accounts I have). It's such thoughtful design and the developer used to be part of the core Apple mail team.
Perfect for finding nice and well curated hikes around me. Has a good community too.
Such a nice screen, not 4K but I love the usb-c charging and no fuss color profile selection
Have owned expensive mechanical keyboards before but I like the no fuss approach of keychron.
Best investment with wfh this year and living in a slightly noisy neighbourhood.
Really good app when on a conference call, my home work area is right next to a busy street so the auto noise cancellation really comes in handy.
Not much to say here except that its probably the only product in my toolset that has paid for itself many times over.
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