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Shavin Peiries


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I haven't found another place on the interwebs that has 1400+ creators/builders pushing each other to become who they want to be. Advice expires. The members of this group are only a couple of months/years ahead of you. So the tips that they share are insightful & actionable.
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This book is about making things that are everlasting or 'perennial'. The first part of the book is about the process of creation and the second part is about marketing the creation. Ryan Holiday's writing is also very simple to read. Which I am a big fan of.
The first book I fell in love with. I had a dormant growth mindset but after reading RDPD I levelled up life quite quickly. Financial literacy is one cornerstone skill that will help you develop skills in other areas to earn more and live freely.
The freedom to structure information the way you like it. Super simple and focused on writing.
I'm 10 lessons into the introductory course. So far I love it! His method of approaching meditation is much more effective in relative comparison to calm and that other orange app. Try one month for free ->
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It allows you to enter the flow state quite quickly. I get lost in the work 10 minutes in.
Because Obama rocked one. But so did Bin Laden 🤷‍♂️
Good for frontend engineers to spy on the engineering stack of your favourite websites
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