Seth Williams

Seth Williams


Follower of Jesus. Husband to Kelly. Father to Story, River, Wilder, & Scout. Designer at Product Hunt and AngelList.

#coffee, #sports, #movies, #tv, #books 
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My new favorite work app. It gives you instant, one-click access to video meetings and allows visibility over team activity. And the best part are the avatars!
Dan EdwardsJohn Hayes
I appreciate the fun and playful experience that Houseparty offers to people wanting to stay in touch with others.
JulieLanre AkinyemiDan Edwards
I use Alfred for opening apps quicker.
Alexandre MouriecRyan Hoover
I have lived in this design program for years now. Sketch is slowly taking my focus, but I'll always use Photoshop.
A great payment platform I use for my Squarespace site.
A great way to read the Bible and discover new reading plans/devotionals.
JustinNo.CommentRyan Hoover
My go-to navigation app. I like it better than Google Maps. I feel like it's a more fun and accurate experience.
Just started using this as my main email app on mobile and desktop. Really enjoying the service so far.
Ryan Hoover
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