Seth Williams

Seth Williams


Follower of Jesus. Husband to Kelly. Father to Story, River, Wilder, & Scout. Designer at Product Hunt and AngelList.

#coffee, #sports, #movies, #tv, #books 
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I appreciate the fun and playful experience that Houseparty offers to people wanting to stay in touch with others.
I use Alfred for opening apps quicker.
Alexandre MouriecRyan Hoover
I have lived in this design program for years now. Sketch is slowly taking my focus, but I'll always use Photoshop.
A great payment platform I use for my Squarespace site.
A great way to read the Bible and discover new reading plans/devotionals.
JustinNo.CommentRyan Hoover
My go-to navigation app. I like it better than Google Maps. I feel like it's a more fun and accurate experience.
Just started using this as my main email app on mobile and desktop. Really enjoying the service so far.
Ryan Hoover
Best coffee I've ever had. I get Silken Splendor with medium cream and sweetener.
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